Genuine Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vogue L405 L494 Style 1046 11 Spoke 22" inch Gloss Black Alloy Wheels LR098799
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The benefits of buying genuine Land Rover alloy wheels

The benefits of buying genuine Land Rover alloy wheels

When your Land Rover is your pride and joy, you want to keep it as streamlined and stunning as the day you bought it. That includes buying replacement parts that are as close to the originals as possible – especially when those parts are as visible and vital to the overall appearance as your alloy wheels.

Of course, the only way to ensure that you have the best parts are to buy Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. And it’s not just about maintaining the appearance of your vehicle. There are several good reasons to use genuine OEM parts.

Brand Reputation of OEM Alloy Wheels

Land Rover are one of the most trusted and reputable brands in Britain, making iconic SUVs since 1948. Their vehicles are established as the leaders in stylish and reliable off-road capability. When a manufacturer has put this many years into design, engineering and perfecting their cars, you can be assured that a great deal of thought has also gone into every part, including their alloy wheels. So, with a brand reputation like that – why wouldn’t you use original parts to maintain your much-loved car?

Safety first with trusted parts

When a company has spent years perfecting their engineering, they will also have spent huge amounts of money rigorously testing every part for performance in every conceivable danger and various driving conditions. You can be sure that your OEM alloy wheel has surpassed every safety standard – especially when they are intended for a vehicle that is potentially going to be taken off road.

Genuine Land Rover Range Rover Sport Vogue L405 L494 Style 1046 11 Spoke 22" inch Gloss Black Alloy Wheels LR098799

Quality and durability matters

The testing process that Land Rover alloy wheels undergoes will include the structural design of the

wheel, and the material used. The manufacturing process will also be considered, ensuring no defects to the aluminium. That means that an OEM (original equipment manufacture) wheel will be of the highest quality and durability, something which cannot be said for copies.

In addition, using top quality aluminium means your wheels will be both lighter and stronger, while copies will be cheaper to buy because they were cheaper to make. That means a lower quality aluminium will be more subjective to crack or bend.

Keeping up appearances

With all the thought that has gone into designing the Land Rover SUV, it’s no surprise that every part fits the vehicle perfectly, both in terms of style and size. An alloy wheel copy will not be quite as perfect – in fact it’s likely that a copy will have a different fitment to fit numerous vehicles and therefore not fit any vehicle correctly. This multi fit application will then distract from the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Maintaining function and capability

Buying OEM parts means that you’ll be replacing the original parts with something that is as close to identical as possible – parts that literally were made for your vehicle. They will fit and function perfectly, because they were designed for your car’s specification. Anything of lower quality or poorer fit will therefore not perform to the same standard, resulting in you getting poorer performance from your Land Rover. And why would you want to buy a vehicle with such a high spec, and then hinder it?

Buy cheap, pay more for your alloy wheels

But that’s not all. A poorer fit may result in noticeable issues, such as a less comfortable ride, or hidden issues, like compounded wear or damage to other parts such as your brakes and suspension, resulting in even more costs.

And when the worst happens and your copy wheels are damaged, you won’t be able to find a replacement for just one. When you use OEM wheels, you will be able to replace just one, if that’s all you need, and still match your vehicle – saving costs in the long run.

There are many reasons to stick to OEM alloy wheels for your Land Rover, and safety, performance and quality may be the key ones. But there is one more thing to consider. Using cheap copy alloy wheels may impact your manufacturer’s warranty – and that could be far more expensive.

If you love your Land Rover – and all the comfort and performance you expect from it – then don’t look at imitation wheels. Contact us today for your genuine alloy wheels.