Genuine V Replica Wheels
Sometimes you only really understand an issue when you’re on the other side of the fence! Like a lot of people out there years ago I purchased some aftermarket replica wheels. These looked great but after around 4 months two of the wheels unfortunacty cracked. There’s a reason why Genuine OEM wheels are much more expensive than replica wheels; they are intensively tested, manufactured by wheel experts and designed to last! From the day .

The Mercedes X-Class pickup continues to taunt us

Mercedes X-Class …sure, it’s a Nissan Navara underneath, but who wouldn’t want a pickup truck with a three-pointed star on the grille? It would be perfect for the next Jurassic Park movie, for one. And it will make a much cheaper alternative to the insane G-Class 6×6 truck that was built in limited numbers. But sadly it doesn’t look like the Mercedes X-Class is headed our way… The full article is on Auto Blog here: Article by David Gluckman for Auto .

This musclebound new Mustang is everything a thoroughbred should be

Article by Chris Evans for the Daily Mail… I sometimes actively go looking for queues of traffic in the afternoon.  This is in order to justify the time it takes me in the morning to wrap up safe and warm before jumping on my motorcycle for the 35-mile commute into London. On the way in, it’s so early I save hardly any time at all nipping in and out of traffic, primarily because there’s hardly .

The Clarkson Review of the Volvo XC90 T8

Here’s a snippet from the Clarkson review of the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Inscription: “The new XC90, however, is different. Yes, it’s still a Volvo and, yes, it’s still the most practical and sensible seven-seater of them all. But, oh my God, it’s a nice place to sit. It feels like you’re lounging around in one of those Scandinavian furniture shops where everything is beautiful and pale and a chair costs £2,500″… “This .

The new Audi Q2 #untaggable

Audi q2
The new Q2 breaks entirely new ground for Audi Entering the Q range as the now smallest Audi SUV, the new Audi Q2 is a stylish yet spacious and practical crossover. With a bold, confident design featuring a Coupé-like appearance, the powerful stance of an SUV and the high ground-clearance of an allroad, the Q2 is distinctive and versatile. The Audi Q2 is whatever you want it to be. They call it ‘#untaggable’. Shop genuine alloy .

Land Rover’s new Discovery 5

Land Rover Discovery 5
Land Rover’s new Discovery 5 The eagerly awaited Land Rover Discovery 5 has broken cover at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This practical seven-seat SUV boasts an all-new look and a host of modern technology to help it compete with the likes of the Mercedes GLE, Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90. Land Rover has announced a range of attractive PCP finance deals that could make the Discovery one of the most affordable seven-seat SUVs available. Engine choices for the .

Is the Jaguar F Pace worth the 6 months + waiting list?


SUV’s are everywhere these days; but is this possibly one that can hold itself again its big brother the discovery sport? Negotiating potholes the size of craters, the car has the attitude of a sports car combined with the practicality of a cross-over! We have driven both the discovery sport, and new F Pace; the discovery sport feels much more utilitarian with its hard functioning plastics in comparison to the F Page with blends of leather around the centre console that this is more of a motorway cruiser than a vehicle fit for the cattle market. Similar starting prices, it begs the question where is your vehicle going to spend most of its life? On the road, or down the cattle market!

Not surprising that one in three of the 25,000 orders are from female customers which will no doubt will be sat outside a school near you!