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Wheel Refurbishment

ALLOY HUB have on-site facilities providing a wheel refurbishment service that reproduces the manufacturer’s quality of finish, at a fraction of the cost of new wheels.The process is simple, and this is how it works,

  • Tyre’s, weights and valves are removed from the wheel
  • Wheel is checked for any damage, i.e. cracks, buckles are flat spots
  • Wheel is chemically stripped of all the existing paintwork
  • Wheel is shot blasted and any superficial damage is repaired
  • Primer powder coating is applied, and heat cured in our purpose-built ovens
  • High quality powder coating colour is applied, and heat cured
  • Lacquer Powder coating is applied and again heat cured, to ensure a flawless finish
  • Tyre’s are refitted and, once balanced, the wheels can be refitted to the vehicle

A full refurbishment will take up to 3 days to complete, however we do offer a ‘wheel exchange’ whereby existing wheels can be used as part payment towards the replacement cost and these can be fitted to your vehicle while you wait.

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Satin Black

Gloss Black

Gold Carbon Weave Hydrodip

Metallic Silver


Satin Grey

Diamond Turned Gloss Black Inserts

Diamond Turned – Silver Inserts

Diamond Turned – Light Grey Inserts

Alloy Hub is still fully operational and we continue to deliver and fit wheels and tyres in line with government guidelines - Get in touch today 01538 300765