The Process


Drop your car off
at Alloy Hub


The refurb will
take us 2-3 days


We’ll refit your
wheels and tyres


Collect your car
ready to drive home

A professional approach

If you’re looking to get your alloy wheels refurbished, our team of in-house experts will be on hand to guide you through the process from start to finish. We can refurbish your alloy wheels to the highest standards, reproducing manufacturers quality at a fraction of the cost of buying new wheels.

We offer an extensive range of colour and finishes, allowing you to add a touch of bespoke to your vehicle. At the Alloy Hub, we take pride in attention to detail. We take the wheels back to their bare metal state, fully blast them to prepare a smooth, scratch-free surface, repair where necessary and powder coat and oven bake. This is a full in-depth wheel refurbishment process, which will return your alloy wheels back to as good as new, our technicians are perfectionists so this process does take 3 full days to complete.

Other Alloy Wheel companies often offer a ‘smart repair service’, refurbishing wheels within a few hours, by simply covering over scuffs and scratches, rather than taking the wheel back to its bare metal state. These quick refurbishments might be convenient, however, you may find that within a few months, cracks may start to show when exposed to external elements and you could find yourself needing to repair your wheels again.

We do also offer a ‘wheel exchange service’, whereby existing wheels can be used as part payment towards the cost of new replacement wheels. This means you can exchange your wheels, have your new ones fitted and experience a drive-in and drive-out experience (*subject to wheel availability of your cars make and model)

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    The Process

    Colours and finishes

    The Refurbishment Process

    At the Alloy Hub, our in-house technicians will ensure that your alloy wheels are finished to the highest quality, with no scuffs, scratches or paint damage visible.

    So how do we do this and what’s the process?

    Price List

    At Alloy Hub, we offer a variety prices dependant upon your wheel requirements. The prices listed below are per single wheel, they are inclusive of VAT and include the cost of removing your wheels and tyres and refitting them also. 

    If you are interested in getting a cost for a specialist colour that isn’t listed below, please contact us and we can provide you with a tailored quotation.

    Powder Colours Silver Anthracite Grey Gloss Black Satin Black White
    Price per wheel Including VAT
    <17″ Alloy Wheels £96 £96 £96 £96 £96
    18-19″ Alloy Wheels £108 £108 £108 £108 £108
    20-22″ Alloy Wheels £126 £126 £126 £126 £126
    23-24″ Alloy Wheels £144 £144 £144 £144 £144
    Diamond Cut Silver Grey Bronze Copper Specials
    Price per wheel Including VAT
    <17″ Alloy Wheels £150 £150 £150 £150 POA
    18-19″ Alloy Wheels £168 £168 £168 £168 POA
    20-22″ Alloy Wheels £186 £186 £186 £186 POA
    23-24″ Alloy Wheels £216 £216 £216 £216 POA
    Additional Services Price
    Price per wheel Including VAT
    Calliper Painting £120 (X4 Callipers)
    Center Cap Painting £96 (X4 Center Caps)
    Puncture Repair £30
    Wheel Straightening £96
    Weld Repair £108
    Tyre Disposal £9.60
    Rim Protectors £180 (X4 Rim Protectors)
    Tyres POA
    Center Caps POA
    Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensors POA

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      Alloy Hub are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Genuine Original Equipment Manufacture Alloy Wheels. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation within the industry for delivering quality original products and exceptional customer service.

      Alloy Hub has been supplying Genuine OEM Wheels to the public and trade since 2013. We have experienced year on year growth where we now stock over 5000 Genuine Alloy Wheels.

      Alloy Hub is one of the leading suppliers of Genuine OEM Alloy Wheels. Should you be looking to enhance your vehicle with some high-quality genuine OEM Wheels, then look no further. 

      We take pride in attention to detail. We take the wheels back to their bare metal state, fully blast to prepare a smooth, scratch-free surface, repair (where necessary), and powder

      coat and oven bake. This full in-depth wheel refurbishment process will return your alloy wheels back to as good as new.  Our refurbishments are made to last, it is not a quick smart repair or mobile service that is done on your drive.

      We use DHL and DPD for most of our deliveries. For international deliveries we also use Parcel force and FedEx.

      We accept all major credit / debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and cash. Please do not send cash in the post.

      Remanufactured means the wheels have been professionally refinished. This is achieved via our in house powder coating process bringing a wheel back to an ‘as new’ standard both inside and out.

      Please sign for the item as damaged. Then contact us on 01538 300765. We will arrange for a replacement to be sent ASAP. We will also collect the damaged item free of charge. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer a refund or exchange once the wheels have been fitted to your vehicle.

       Please call us on 01538 300765 and we will arrange a collection. All you need to do is package the wheels up the best you can, so they don’t get damaged in transit.

      Don’t worry. Please contact our customer services on 01538 300765. We will find out the status of your delivery and sort out any issues.

       Yes, we chemical strip the wheel, blast the wheel, prepare any imperfections and powder coat the entire wheel both inside and out. 

      A powder coating process involves electrifying and oven baking the wheel. This is the most durable process and is identical to the process used by the vehicle manufacturers.

      Alloy Hub’s premises is extremely secure. It is a gated location with high security cameras and alarms to ensure your car is safe and give you peace-of-mind. 

      Yes, Alloy Hub has all of the relevant insurance to cover anything from super MINI’s to super cars.

      Yes, we can paint callipers in a colour of your choice, from yellow or red if you want them to stand out against your wheels, to black or grey if you want them to blend in. Please refer to our price list for the cost.

      An alloy wheel refurb takes 2-3 working days. This full in-depth wheel refurbishment process will return your alloy wheels back to as good as new. Our refurbishments are made to last, it is not a quick smart repair or mobile service that is done on your drive.

       Yes, we rebalance and refit your wheels and tyres so that your car will be ready to drive away when you collect it. This is included in all prices quoted, so there is no additional charges or hidden costs.