Why buy genuine wheels

At Alloy Hub, we offer a variety prices dependant upon your wheel requirements. If you are interested in getting a cost for a specialist colour that isn’t listed below, please contact us and we can provide you with a tailored quotation.

The benefits of Genuine Alloy Wheels

Made to withstand rigours of the roads

Genuine wheels are made for the car manufacturer under licence by approved wheel producers. They are designed and built to withstand the rigours of operating in a wide range of conditions, for instance; with high vehicle load, chemical damage, pot holes, salt, grit and other damage to the wheel from the environment.

Tried & Tested

Every Genuine wheel is x-rayed and pressure tested to detect any invisible imperfections or faults. They have undergone many thousands of miles of testing during design & development. Genuine wheels ensure your vehicle handles as intended and they’re much more resistant to corrosion, cracking and buckling. They are available to order for many years after car production ends, so you’re always able to find an identical spare.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Your car’s only connection to the road is through its wheels. Genuine wheels assure the safety of you and your passengers, as well as being backed up with a multi-year guarantee.

About replica after market Alloy Wheels

Low price and low quality

At first glance, Replica wheels look like the real deal and can be very tempting at their price point. Replica wheels are widely available across the internet, which might make them seem a reliable purchase. However, replica allow wheels are often copies of a Genuine wheels and they are not as safe, strong or durable and are often manufactured by factories in China.

Manufactured cheap

Why do replica alloy wheels cost less? Because they are made using cheaper materials and low cost manufacturing processes. As a result, a wheel that looks similar but is much heavier and weaker than a genuine wheel is produced. Replica manufacturers don’t adhere to the strict testing requirements of vehicle manufacturers. When faced with potholes and bumps and replica wheels are much more liable to failure and damage, putting you and your passengers at risk.