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Would you buy an electric Mustang?? 0-62 in 3 seconds!

This isn’t an ‘ordinary’ Sixties Ford Mustang. But then, nothing is ‘ordinary’ in today’s world. No, this Sixties Ford Mustang is fully electric, capable of accelerating harder and faster than any production Ford Mustang has ever done.

London-based company Charge Automotive has announced its intention to build 499 of these fully electric classic Mustangs, with prices starting at £200,000. For that, you get the officially licensed Ford Mustang bodyshell and a world of modern-day electric force.

There’s a 64kWh battery pack allied to an electric motor (or maybe many electric motors – we don’t know) producing 300kW and 1,200Nm. In piston-engined terms, you’re looking at just over 400bhp and a whopping 885lb ft of torque.