Can changing your alloy wheels increase your cars value?
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Can changing your alloy wheels increase your cars value?

Fitting an alternate set of alloy wheels to your vehicle can potentially increase the value of your vehicle, however, it largely depends on various factors such as the quality of the wheels, their compatibility with the vehicle, and the preferences of potential buyers.

Here are some scenarios where fitting a set of wheels could increase your vehicles value:

1. Upgraded wheels: If you replace the original wheels with higher-quality Original OEM wheels that are larger and more visually appealing it could make your car more attractive to buyers who are willing to pay extra for these upgrades. Some car buyers are after a certain specification of vehicle, which include the colour of the exterior, preference on the interior colour, and size of wheels – all of which can be difficult to find on the second-hand market.

2. Customized wheels that match the style or theme of the car, or wheels that are part of a package of other customizations (such as suspension upgrades or body kits), may increase the perceived value of the vehicle among enthusiasts or buyers looking for a personalized touch.

3. Rare or sought-after wheels: If you install rare or highly sought-after wheels that are in demand among a specific group of buyers, it could increase the desirability and value of your of your vehicle,

There are however scenarios where fitting a set of wheels might not affect your cars value and can even decrease it:

1. Incompatibility: If the wheels you install are not compatible with the car’s specifications or if they negatively affect the vehicle’s performance, handling, or safety, it could lower the value of the car.

2. Poor quality or condition: Low-quality aftermarket wheels could potentially decrease your cars value as the vehicle would no longer be subject to an extended warranty and could even have insurance and safety concerns.

3. Personal taste: If the wheels you choose are highly personalized or cater to a niche market, they may not appeal to a wide range of buyers, which could limit their impact on the resale value.

Here at ALLOY HUB, we believe that if the job is worth doing then it’s worth doing right. Should you be considering a wheel upgrade for your vehicle then we would always recommend sticking to a Genuine OEM product and fitting the top specification wheel from your era of vehicle. That way your vehicle will pose no safety or insurance concerns and when the time comes for you to dispose of your vehicle it will result in a high residual value.