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Cheapest way to enhance your vehicles appearance?

We often get asked what is the cheapest way to enhance a vehicle….

Paintwork, blackout programmes, upgraded wheels, and additional body styling are all ways that you can enhance a vehicle, however, in terms for bangs for your buck there is no better way than simply powder coating your existing wheels a different colour. Powder coating for your existing wheels in a finish such as gloss black, can be a substantial improvement and make your vehicle unrecognisable. A set of upgraded Genuine wheels and tyres can cost upwards of £2000, whereas a full powder coating process of your existing wheels can be completed from £384 including vat at ALLOY HUB.

At ALLOY HUB, our wheel refurbishment/colour change process involves the wheels being completely stripped, blasted, power coated, and oven baked to protect against the external elements. Perfection takes time, therefore this process takes us 2-3 days to complete.

Check out the before and after of this BMW M3 from diamond turned to full gloss black.