Genuine BMW 1/2 Series 436M Sport 18″ Inch Alloy Wheels with Ferric Grey Finish 36117845870 36117845871



Genuine Alloy Wheels is all we do…. 

Genuine wheel designs are often copied and sold as ‘Replica’ (or ‘After-Market’) at a lower price, however there are issues that need to be considered when comparing to the genuine product.  Replica wheels are manufactured in small batches, using differing moulds and often overseas, therefore replacements are difficult to source.  The finished product can look the same, but with less expensive materials and processes, it is often heavier and of weaker construction, that is more prone to cracking when encountering potholes.


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These wheels are suitable for:
BMW 1 Series F20 5 Door (2011-2020)
BMW 1 Series F21 3 Door (2011-2019)
BMW 2 Series F22 Coupe (2013-2020)
BMW 2 Series F23 Convertible (2013-2020)


Front Wheels
BMW Part Number: 36117845870 / 7845870
7.5 J X 18 EH2 IS 45
Genuine BMW OEM Product

Rear Wheels:
Part Number: 36117845871 / 7845871
8 J X 18 EH2 IS 52
Genuine BMW OEM Product

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